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Guests are asked to assist in creating a safe and enjoyable environment by reporting any inappropriate behavior to an Orpheum Theatre Usher or Security Officer. From well-known and lesser-known actors and actresses to the men and women behind the production, including playwrights, directors, wardrobe specialists, scene and lighting artists, and a score of other professionals, an investment in live theatre helps perpetuate a centuries-old craft and actually supports. It's also an investment in the arts Centre and general community that supports the theatre itself.
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Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis | 612-339-7007

Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis | 612-339-7007

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Parking at Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis is easy and convenient, with multiple parking options available less than a mile from the venue. Reserve parking may be available, depending on where you are parked. If you do not reserve a space, it is recommended that you arrive in plenty of time for your event, to avoid delays...


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